“Quality Is Our Business”

About us

Idris Ali Transformers believes in the mission statement of the company very firmly which is “Quality is our business.” The family-run business now has experience of 40 years in the line of manufacturing electrical transformers and motor rewinding. The company has been one of the first transformer manufacturers and electrical motor overhauling companies in the U.A.E established in 1982.  We have successfully accomplished to ace and become a leader in the field of manufacturing low voltage electrical transformers and all kinds of electric motor rewinding. Moreover, the widespread knowledge of transformers due to vast experience has broadened the company criteria to 500 KVA three-phase transformers. Not only limited to manufacturing we also have an in-house dedicated team for all types of electrical motors such as various kinds of induction motors, marine compressor stators, crane motors, D.C motors, and all other motors used in several industries.

Our expertise covers, all kinds of Safety Transformers, Construction Site Transformers, Control Transformers, Auto Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Encapsulated Transformers, and all other Transformers as per customer requirement. We also perform Transformer overhauling, Control panel manufacturing. Not only limited to manufacturing we also overhaul and rewind all types of electrical motors, with a commitment to professionalism and quality of service. Idris Ali Electrical aims to work with clients to meet challenges and exploit the opportunities of today’s power sector.

The strength of Idris Ali Electrical is the ability to tailor power systems specifically to clients’ individual needs taking into account company size, structure, company standards, local conditions, and legislation.

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