Annual Maintenance Contract (A.M.C) For Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Cleaning especially in a country like UAE is an essential part of HVAC maintenance because when scales, corrosion and biofouling accumulation exceeds the maximum level, this can lead to equipment breakages and decrease in efficiency and undesired approach temperature values. Keeping your cooling towers operating properly is critical to your facility functioning. Regular cooling tower cleaning and maintenance prevents bacteria growth.

Every facility should have a cooling tower maintenance plan that includes regular cleaning and inspection. Cooling towers can also draw debris in through piping reducing the efficiency and increasing costs. Regular cleaning will keep your facility operating efficiently and safely.

“Cooling towers should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. Normally this maintenance will be performed before initial start-up at the beginning of the cooling season and after shutdown in the fall.”

– the OSHA Technical Manual – Section III: Chapter 7

Here are some basics 9 steps to maintain industrial cooling tower:

  • Remove Scale Deposits
  • Ensure Proper Airflow
  • Clean all Tubes
  • Inspect the Water Pump
  • Treat Your Water
  • Motor
  • Fan
  • Water Inlet and Water Outlet
  • Baffles

Our cleaning integrates seamlessly with your operations. We can work in off hours or integrate fully with your operations. Our experts will discuss your maintenance needs to provide you with a variety of service options.

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Cooling Tower Fills

Cooling Tower Fills are also named cooling tower filler, cooling tower filling, cooling tower fill packing, cooling tower fill media, cooling tower infill, cooling tower honeycomb fills etc.

Cooling tower fill is made of PVC or PP plain plate by cooling tower fill making machine. They are hot pressed in the certain mold, and then be produced according to different design and be used in different cooling towers, especially in the industrial cooling tower. No matter we how to name it, the main usage is a media located in the bottom or middle of the industrial cooling tower which makes it the heart of the cooling tower.

We can supply you with different kinds of fill packing for almost all cooling towers which are made in Japan, America, Taiwan and Southeast Asia countries.

As cooling tower fills supplier, we not only supply you with good quality products, but also the cooling tower parts for installation and replacement, such as cooling tower drift eliminators, louvers in cooling tower. Even if we can not ship the glue in the container, we can advice you about the method how to make PVC glue for the cooling tower fills.

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