Motor Winding:

Electric Motors are a vital part of most industries, commercial and private. But, as for all mechanical and electrical parts, they tend to break down.

In order to enhance our electrical skills to a broader perspective, we also have perfected the process to rewind, overhaul and service all kinds of electric motors. These consist of Marine-related motors for Compressors, Marine Pumps, etc.   A.C/D.C related motors.  Fire-related Motors and Pump Motors.  Brake Motors, Slippering Motors, and Crane Motors, And all other kinds of motors used in all industries.

  • Basic reconditioning
  • Stator rewinds
  • Electrical testing
  • Stator and rotor core restack
  • Armature & wound rotor rewind
  • Bearing replacement
  • Rotor shift maintenance, balancing and servicing
  • Rotor bar repair/replacement

Generator Repairs:

Our generator maintenance service comprises of 6 crucial steps. That includes:

Inspection – The first step of our generator maintenance process is a systematic inspection of your diesel or portable generator by our qualified technicians to identify any missing or damaged components.

Disassembling – The second step is disassembling the generator completely to make sure all components are removed and checked individually to find out whether they require any repairs or replacement.

Cleaning – The next step is cleaning and sanitization of all parts of your generator to remove any oil residue, dirt, dust buildup, and foreign contaminants that can cause damage to the machinery and prevent it from optimal performance.

Repairing – In case any parts of the generator need to be repaired or replaced, our team will find the right replacement parts and use the best tools and equipment to restore your generator to its original condition.

Assembling The second last step is the assembling of your generator carefully after checking all parts and components and making sure they are put together in the right order.

Load Testing – The final step is testing your generator to make sure it is running perfectly, and it can take the load as per your requirements. We will also make sure the generator and all components comply with the regulations under UAE law.

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